Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Drug Possession Defense Attorney San Diego

Have you been charged with drug possession? Unsure of what steps to take next? Call The Law Offices of James V. Bickford, IV at 619-702-7400. We can help you through the process, help get you out of jail, and work to get your charges reduced or dismissed. We have the experience to help you get your freedom and good name back.

With years of experience in criminal defense, we provide aggressive and fierce representation for drug cases. Make sure you retain the right attorney for your case by calling James today! We have a proven record of success and know how to defend our clients against even the toughest prosecutors.

It Is Crucial To Get The Right Defense!

Aggressive, Proven Drug Defense Attorney

Drug Possession with Intent to Sell Defense Attorney San Diego

Have you been accused of possessing drugs with the intent to sell anywhere in San Diego or California? It is imperative that you secure legal representation as quickly as possible. All drug crimes are prosecuted severely in the state of California, especially possession with the intent to sell.

Attorney James Bickford has the experience you need and has won dozens of drug possession with intent cases for our clients. We utilize proven defense tactics and strategic legal solutions on our clients’ behalves. At The Law Offices of James V. Bickford, IV, we know exactly what it takes to win your case.


Defense Against Drug Possession To Sell Charges

Proving you had the intent to sell the drugs is difficult for the prosecution. That is why securing James as your counsel is imperative.  These case are either based on a confession, circumstantial evidence, and often that evidence is solely based on witness testimonial. While a police officer’s testimonial will be strong in court, there are many legal tactics that can be used to weaken this testimonial.

Call our offices at (619) 702-7400 and speak with us directly in minutes. Our free consultations over the phone or in person can be very helpful in shedding light on your criminal case. No matter what type of drug sales charges you are facing, our firm can defend you. We are conveniently located in downtown San Diego and service all San Diego Drug Possession Defense.  You owe it to yourself to find an attorney that will vigorously defend your rights…that attorney is James V. Bickford, IV.

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